Batman is one of the most beloved characters in popular culture

The comic book series “Batman” is the oldest and most famous superhero series of all time. It has been the basis for the plot of many popular films, television shows and video games.

Batman is a fictional character, created by writer William A. Marston and artist Harry G. Peter. He first appeared in Detective Comics #27 (June 1939). The character was named after Batman’s bat signal as a homage to Batman himself – he used it in nocturnal adventures on rooftops and cowls were also featured on his attire in some movies (e.g., “The Adventures of Robin”).

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In the present day, many people are excited about the upcoming ‘Avengers: Infinity War’. But, these movies have been successful in their own way. With a new generation of superheroes becoming popular worldwide, there is an influx of different types of superheroes and stories.

To better understand the moviegoing experience, a comic book fan might want to read about ‘the world of Batman.’ This article is all about this topic and reminds him of what makes Batman so special among other superheroes.

When it comes to comics books, they have made many changes over time and some heroes are now considered as “legendary characters”. The reason for this growing popularity can be that their impact on the culture is still strong today. The feeling that these kind stories will always be relevant in our childhood.